4 Days until our Open House!

Are you on the edge of your seat yet? We're so far on the edge the seat is no longer serving any purpose, it's more like we're doing indefinite squats over here. I can say one thing for sure, our calves are going to look amazing by Dogwood festival. ;)

Right now we are putting together the May calendar, we've got exhibits, classes and events oh my! After God Conversations ends on the 12th, we will be putting up the Art vs Fashion exhibit, showcasing fashion and art in a new and beautiful way. We will be having a course on street art and it's history, and we're working on plans for hosting models for live portrait sessions in the studio and even more (that we can't mention yet until they are locked in stone.). It's all very exciting!

And we're not stopping with May, we've got plans for a Cosplay bash in September, a Zombie Masquerade Ball in October, and a gingerbread house contest in December, and a kids only New Years Eve bash (with an early countdown!). Maybe even some hip hop yoga and other unconventional events.  

Those of you still unsure about purchasing studio space, I would make the move pronto because this week we launch our facebook ad campaign and start running ads locally. So don't miss the bus! 

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