AE & The ART Bus

For those of you who follow us on Facebook, you may know that we've started creating our own non-profit in pursuit of our ART BUS! It's exactly what it sounds like, a bus full of art. Our goal as a mobile gallery is to bring art directly to you! With the art bus we'll be able to set up all over town, the state, heck maybe even all over the country! Bringing art and fun where people need it most. 

Our first "Art Bus" event was held on Fort Bragg with the Girl Scouts. We taught them about Yayoi Kusama and her Infinity Mirrors exhibit. We chose Kusama to inspire the girls to know that girls can also be great artists! Not only that, but art doesn't have to look a certain way. We explored having fun with art while painting polka dot boxes with the littles under 8 years old. The idea was to fill the boxes with polka dots and paint the eggs as well to mirror Kusama's polka dot rooms

Kusama Polka Dot Boxes

The girls had lots of fun getting messy and being creative. The older girls got to create mini infinity mirrors with LED lights in glass boxes. These mirrored her mirrored rooms full of lights

Mini Infinity Mirror Boxes

The girls had a great time and we look forward to creating more events just like this in the future! The Art Bus is coming together with teachers, helpers and much more to come. Be sure to check back to see what's next with the ART Bus!

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