Dogwood Festival & Our Grand Opening

This has been an incredible weekend, though it is not yet over. Being a part of the Fayetteville Dogwood Festival and it's expanded footprint, we've fallen madly in love with our city all over again. The love has been so real. 

Friday was full of love and fun, and belly dancing. There are a few embarrassing videos of myself attempting to shimmy on Facebook it seems. But before our doors even opened I was at Bronco i-Radio twice talking about the gallery and local events going on this weekend. I love showing our community love. When things kicked off at 6 we swung the door wide open to invite everyone in! We made so many new friends and had great conversation about art, and the community. My husband made a new friend who's going to make him get out and actually network (He's more than nervous, but that's going to be great for him!) We opened up our signing wall, and had some new friends visit us from FSU, and even other local business owners. Art was sold and stories were told. We broke out a tub of playdoh and the kiddos had a ball.

Saturday we had pirates, bubble blowing jugglers, and jump rope performers outside. Marcos hit the streets and handed out flyers (in his super polite way) and I braved the heat and stood outside to greet passerbys. Man it was hot! But the energy was great, and we met some awesome artists and photographers. Ray Thomas from Bronco iRadio visited us to tour the space. The traffic was amazing, we just had to do a little roping and grabbing, lol. This is when we realized that people don't really think things are open on Gillespie, which was a bummer - BUT it's really an opportunity! We'll have to get a permit to do some things outside of our shop on the weekends. Like live painting, or maybe a sip and shop with racks outside on a Fourth Friday. (Or something on Wednesdays if they bring the Food Truck Wednesdays they are talking about downtown!) 

Gillespie actually has a few great spots to stop at while you're downtown, Sherefe's has amazing greek cuisine, there's the Ellington White Gallery across the street, Walker's Hookah Cafe is this amazing mellow hang out - I mean this is date night central over here! Eat, then browse the 2 galleries, and then grab a glass of wine and chat at Walker's. (Maybe I need to propose this idea to our little street! Date Night on Gillespie...) Well we also noticed how much fun the play-doh was Friday night and added our first Play Doh Party with Surprise Eggs! With edible marshmallow play doh! I may just play by myself, lol! (Or eat a ball of it and call it playing).

Today is Sunday and it looks like the movie Cars is outside our front doors. It's so neat! I feel like we've gone back in time to the 50s and 60s. We've just gotten started today, and I'm excited to see what amazing people we'll meet!


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