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This week we sat down with our upstairs neighbor and friend Natasha Connell of Transcend Normal. She is one of the hardest working fitness professionals we know in the area. Not only that, she is a ballerina. (See? Art is everywhere!) She has "transcended" the "normal'  (you like what I did there) fitness routine by adding in ballet training for body builders. Turns out this is a very great way to help them achieve their muscle goals. Ballerinas are gym beasts!

She's also an amazing speaker and has been a part of several local conferences sharing her love of total health. It's not just about looking good and being all muscle-y it's about getting to the root of the cause and making her clients reach their best selves. Through nutrition, and combating emotional eating, she can pull you out of your cycle of bad health choices. (And she won't shoot you if you eat a French fry here and there, lol)


We even got in there and did some training with her, Lots of awesome fitness equipment for isolating those problem areas. Plus she really goes the extra mile to create a space where her clients are cared for in addition to being worked out to an inch of their lives (that's a joke - she's not that mean!) She keeps the air full of diffused specialty oils for a little aromatherapy, she provides cool oil infused towels you can use to help you cool down and she always has a few cold protein drinks in her fridge. We left feeling sore - but refreshed. 

You can visit her website at www.transcendnormal.com, to schedule an appointment or find out about group sessions or fitness classes she's opening up. Her studio is at 108 Gillespie St (Upstairs) and it's by appointment only. Go ahead and book that first consultation, because the holidays are fast approaching and you know in December everyone will be begging her for some training for the new year. So reserve your spot now before it's too late!

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