Fayetteville Vibes: Pottery & More

Welcome to our first episode of Fayetteville Vibes! We love our community and love sharing the amazing things we find around town, so Marcos and I thought, why not share it with you guys? A lot of times people think there's nothing to do in Fayetteville and opt to travel to bigger cities when we have a lot of great things here. 

Shop the photo! In this photo: Leather Earrings

This week we stopped in our favorite side shop Greg's Pottery, on Maxwell St which is way more than just pottery! Greg's also carries incense, a large selection of salt water taffy, bohemian skirts, jewelry, vintage candy, bags, and hilarious magnets. There is always something new and interesting to find. 

In this photo: Leather Cuff & Beltane Dreams Necklace

Hands down, however, it's not the great gifts and trinkets you can stock up on, it's the chance to paint your own pottery!

In this photo: Leather Cuff & Cedar Wood Ring

This is a great way to spend your lunch break, or just a quiet afternoon being creative. You can select from walls of ceramic mugs, bowls, figures, and plates. Then you get to select from their wall of paint colors. The lovely ladies will help you get set up, and answer any questions you have about the process. It's always a great idea to check out the fired version of a color, because what's in the bottle is normally not the same color it will be when it's fired. 

Greg's also hosts Girls Night Out events where you can enjoy wine and refreshments while you create with your friends. You can also rent the space to have your own paint party. Come by the gallery and snag one of our Greg's coupons and save on your next visit to Greg's! Plus tell them we sent you!


Visit or Contact Greg's Pottery:

122 Maxwell St
Fayetteville, North Carolina, NC 28301

(910) 483-8355



If you want us to take a visit to your shop shoot us a message to info@alteregosgallery.com


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