Gallery Love: Gallery 116th

After a long wonderful night in our gallery, we locked our doors and wandered down to visit our friends at Gallery 116th. We were greeted with amazing music from the DJ Zester Hare, and a wall full of amazing and eclectic art pieces. Some abstract, some realistic, and each with a strong style all their own. Outside Artists is a treat for the eyes (and ears that evening) and we met artists that were as amazing as the art they created. 

[Our son looks like a giant stuffed into a stroller here, lol!]


We always take the little dude with us on our journeys and he arrived with us, exhausted, but thrilled to see one of his 4 year old buddies, already at the gallery cutting a rug. I cannot tell you how great it felt to just let your son dance and know that they are just as loved and accepted in a space as an artist. 

Tables were full of interesting finds, books, sculpture, prints, even a KAWS action figure set. I don't think I've said the word "dope" as much as I did that night. I fell head over heals over this purple number: Ginko by Rob Robbers



That pop of yellow over the purple is just amazing. The flow of the hair with the leaves makes the wind almost tangible. I will have to find a way to make her mine....

I did however purchase a beautiful letter press work that only a graphic designer and avid believer of the power of words would fall for. We'll share photos of that piece once we get 'er home <3

After filling our eyes with art, we discovered the Art Bar, and when we say "bar" we mean Snack Bar. In the back of the gallery, tucked away, there were 2 white boards covered in any tasty treat you could think of. Gum, candy, mints, chips, cookies, the options were endless (perhaps not waistline friendly, but who's thinking of that when they're craving salt & vinegar chips? Not us!) Super ingenious for their gallery as many of their guests spend a lot of time just enjoying the vibes, from the music to the great company - now they had no reason to leave, they could grab a soda and a bag of chips and keep enjoying themselves all afternoon into the evening. 

We had an amazing time and that got us to thinking, why don't we go to a gallery each week and share what we find? We love galleries, visiting them is like pulling into a gas station to refuel. So we're going to be trekking all over Fayetteville to the 17+ (Yes, you heard us right, there is 17 and counting galleries and exhibits in our little city) galleries we have here. Never forget, Art Thrives Here in Fayetteville, it's time we uncovered our best kept secret and share it with our city and the rest of the world!



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