How the heck do you sell art?

So you're an artist, and you love what you do, but you can't seem to make any sales. It's super easy to get frustrated with the outside world, "the economy is down", "no one buys art anymore", "people can't afford this stuff"

I'm sorry to tell you, but that's wrong. You're just not selling it in the right place to the right people. First you need to have a handle on the demographic you want to reach who will buy your art. If your demo is teens - young adults who enjoy anime and manga because you have that esthetic in your art, you need to know what they buy and when they buy it.

More then that, you need to know where they shop, when they shop, how they get their money, how much they get paid, when they get paid, where they go, and what they do. Create a brand avatar for your client.

I'm going to pretend I'm the amazing Loish for this one. I know, no fair! She's already mega worldwide famous! But, do you know why? First because she's mega talented, and secondly, she knew where to go to create her following and find buyers. She knows her demo, and because of that, she has the power to make sales, and get seen.

Okay so if I'm Loish, and I'm drawing these boldly colored, but soft and feminine portraits I know automatically, my demo is women. Yes, there are probably men who also buy her art, but finding your niche is what gives you power. Everyone else will find you anyway, but focusing on your power players is the most important thing.

So my avatar probably looks like this:

A young woman, 23-27, bold in style and dress, probably enjoys cosplay, may work in a tattoo parlor making about $35K, also creates art, shops in stores like Hot Topic or on Etsy, has a odd pet like a Sphynx cat, or a horned lizard. First in line for the unicorn frappe, has a hilarious phone case, and wears amazing yet impractical shoes. 

Why did I pick her? Why did I pick these attributes?
I picked her age because she's old enough to have her own job, or a place of her own. So she may be looking for art to decorate her home, or she has enough money coming in that she can splurge on art and goodies. Younger girls may be just broke college or high school girls, who will love the art but could never afford it. Older women may be too career focused and may have lost their bold and carefree ways (yes there are purple haired 40 year old unicorns, but there are much more 20 somethings, Plus those 40 somethings are shopping where the 20s are, so you won't miss them.)


Cosplay, tattoos, unicorn frappes, and a horned lizard all are about the amount of money she potentially makes/spends. These things take expensive upkeep or investments to do. Cosplaying can cost thousands of dollars when you think about building a costume and then travelling to comiccons all over the nation (or world). Tattoos can start at $200, and taking care of a special pet probably cost a lot as the initial investment (a sphinx cat can cost $1300!) Why unicorn frappes? Because Starbucks is the place where most people throw away money, and if she had the inside connection that put her in front of the line before it became an instagram frenzy means she goes there often.

Now that I know who I'm selling to, I know where to sell. I want to advertise my art on sites full of these girls, or on youtube on Kelly Eden's videos, or Dre Ronayne, or even Mr Kate. I would vend at comiccons, and open an Etsy shop. (We'll talk more about making Etsy work for you). I would also blog, vlog, and gram everything I could. I'm not just drawing green hair, I have green hair. I may even fan art a few IG famous or YT famous folk in hopes that they share it in front of their 3 million viewers. :0o

You can't just draw, share it on your IG and hope that someone finds you. You have to find who you want to discover you, and put yourself in their path at every chance you get. You can do it! Here's to mega sales in your future!

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