Irma's On the Way, what you need to know

When we think about preparing for bad weather we normally just stock up on milk sandwiches, but that doesn't really help an artist protect their prized possessions: their work! One of the number one things that are the most crippling to lose in a storm are our momentos. Photographs, sketchbooks, paintings, letters... all washed away in the storm waters. It also doesn't have to flood to damage your work so lets take a look at what causes the damages and how we can protect our stuff:


We don't think much about flooding in Fayetteville until Hurricane Matthew came through. I've lived through Floyd, and Fran, and as devastating and scary as they were, they were nothing in comparison to the damage we got from Matthew. So many neighborhoods were under water, and people lost everything. A couch however is replaceable, that watercolor painting you did is not something you can just replace. 

This storm it is advisable to move your art to high ground. Upstairs, in the attic, or even to someone else's house out of the storms path. Not just your art, but your tools and paints too. A lot of these things can float, and if the lake takes up residence in your home, those expensive sable hair brushes may float out into the great beyond. So pack them up and move them to higher ground as well.

Water Damage from Broken Windows:

If wind causes your windows to bust, that rain will be coming inside of your home. So place art in rooms away from windows or without windows preferably (bathrooms, closets). 

Tree Fall:

Here's the thing, if you move everything upstairs to avoid the flood, but that old pine tree falls into the roof you could still lose your work. The safest thing to do is to "evacuate your art" and take it to a town out of the path of the storm. If you have a home surrounded by trees (especially older ones that may be unhealthy) at least taking them to a friends house with less trees could really save your work.

House Collapse:

If you're really worried about house collapse, again, "evacuate your art" and yourself to another city while the storm does it's thing. 


Now beyond protecting your art, you do want to think about protecting yourself. Make sure you have lots of water and non-perishables. As well as a can opener, lighter, hand crank lamp, and a battery bank for your phone. Making sure you can communicate, eat, boil water, and stay safe is essential. Depending on the level of damage, we can be without electricity for days. Consider also purchasing items for entertainment in the dark. (Cards, a ukulele, puzzles, board games, sketchbooks, the whole game of thrones book series, and more) Because it can get really boring really fast in the dark with kids! It may be too late to invest in a generator, but you can be prepared to be without electricity if you have the right supplies. Also, clean out your fridge, so you don't have super stank fridge after the power goes out. 

Here's to a safe and ready storm weekend! 

[ Side bar: this awesome hurricane image is of a hurricane on Saturn, not Irma. That would be super spooky! It was just a lot prettier than those weather channel photos of Irma lol. ]

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