The excitement is paramount!

To say we've spent the past 3 weeks on the edge of our seat covered in sweat would be an understatement. This gallery and studio is a dream Marcos and I had back when we first met in 2002. One of those, "One day it would be really cool if I could..." far off dream conversations you have while watching the stars on the hood of your best friend's Explorer. 

To think that little girl and guy back then are now living their dreams of creating a new art space is insane. I'm going to use a lot of clichés because for once, they are spot on. This is a wish upon a star moment. 

Here's the thing, this is not a gallery for our art. That would be extremely boring. We see that stuff all day at home! This is a gallery to give local (and non local) artists a chance to share their art in our community. We want to create a space that breeds creativity, and artists of all mediums can come and create together in a community of artists. Yes, kumbaya all the way! 

We also want to give the non-creatives in our community another place to experience art. But hold on there, we want to be clear, we want to add to our art community, not compete against it. We want to work in tandem with our other amazing galleries to take art to the next level downtown, and we can feel how ready everyone is to take it there! 

Now all we need is your support. Your support is what is going to help make this company great. We want this gallery to last years and years, and we want our artists to become successful, and that only happens with your support. So share our gallery with your friends, buy a piece of art or design service to support the cause, call up all of your artist and crafting friends and see if they are ready to move out of their bedrooms and have a space to work in and just create. 

Marcos and I will be here blogging about all of the upcoming events, and the process of getting the space ready. We're excited to share this journey of love with you! 

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