The weekend after..

Sore feet, and sore cheeks (from smiling too hard) all around. We had an awesome open house and met some amazing folk including some belly dancers, a film guild, and what might have been the majority of the staff from 219 Group. The love that was shared was amazing, and awe inspiring. The closer we get to our grand opening the more tingling we feel in our hands. These are exciting times.

Today we move forward with our digital marketing and really gaining our social media presence. One of the things we want to bring to the art community that's different than others is we plan on marketing the artists as well as the gallery. All of your art on display will be available to purchase from the website, and pieces may be selected to showcase in our ads. That means more sales for our artists, and more visibility for our artists - which is our main goal. We want you to be seen, bought, and approached by other galleries to present your work. So when we market for the gallery, we're really marketing for you. 

We also just bought a display table yesterday to get our gift and collectables area ready. So not only will large art pieces be on sale but handcrafted goods, like earrings, purses, journals, and more. We've already gotten a handful of handmade items in our online shop and we will be adding more. 

We're in the final stages of setting up our first Hip Hop Yoga class with Tiya Caniel, coming in May. We also are adding to our calendar a course on the art, history and origins of graffiti and street art in May. This is only 4% of the calendar events we've got planned. Can we say cosplay party or steampunk art? (Now you see how crazy amazing this is going to be?!) 

Thank you to everyone who has visited, shared, loved on, and followed us in this process. We are truly humbled. 

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