April Mata

Prince Rogers Nelson by A. Mata

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The Men of Standard Series is my "Best Friends in my head" series. Each person has influenced me and pushed me to be more creative, more expressive, more of my full self. They acted boldly so I can act boldly. 

Prince is one of my all-time favourite artists. Although he has since passed I still hear him reminding me to go forth and create. Be bold, be nasty if necessary, and above all be unapologetic. I actually sat VIP at one of his concerts in North Carolina, and even though he was small in size he was packed to the brim with passion and creativity. I aspire to be more like him daily.

I vectored one of my favourite images of him in Adobe Illustrator and layered it in primary colours. I printed him on a 24x24 sheet of backlit film, a speciality material used in backlit posters and displays. My husband, handyman that he is, helped me design and construct my own custom light boxes. I kept the wood raw, I love the smell and texture of raw wood, untouched by stains or paint, just beautiful by itself. I used LED light strips with USB connections so that display is easy and beautiful. With the included remote you can adjust the light to your preference.