Studio Space Rental

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We are proud to support our artists by providing a space to work and create together! Our working studio is a community studio. This means there are not designated areas for each artist, but a large communal area where you will be able to create 24/7 beside other amazing creatives. Inspiring collaborations, introducing you to new mediums, and like minded conversation. 

The first 10 Artists who sign up will receive our Early Bird Discounted Rate of $100 per month. The final 10 artists will pay our standard rate of $150. Get on board now to lock in those rates, as they may increase over time. 

*NEW* Hourly Rental Option:

If you're in your early stages of becoming a professional artist and you don't have a lot of time to spare you can choose our hourly rental option! A great way to try out the space, or catch a few hours of silence after a busy week! As always, this is open to crafters, and business professionals as well!

Hourly renters will be given access to the space, but will not receive keys or pin pad access. A gallery employee will open the space for your use. The space is only available between 10am-10pm Monday-Sunday for Hourly Renters. 


What you need to know (Monthly Renters):

  1. You will have 24 hour access to the space with keypad entry.
  2. Crafters, and digital artists are welcome
  3. This space is not for musicians or recording artists. 
  4. Studio members will have to work 2 days a month in the gallery on the ground floor. 
  5. Studio Members art entry fees are waived for AE exhibits
  6. Studio Members can have solo shows in the gallery at a 50% discounted rate for 2 weeks.
  7. Studio Members only pay 20% commission for art sales or classes.
  8. Studio Members can rent the gallery for events at 50% off the standard rates.
  9. Your art will be available for purchase online as well as in the gallery.
  10. As we grow more benefits will be added, such as being in our gallery ads, AE creating prints of your work to sell in the gallery, and potential art books. 

When can you move in?

As soon as possible! The studio will be opened prior to the gallery, and you can bring your easels and drafting tables with you! We will be adding wonderful features to the space as we grow, but we are ready to let anyone get in and set up as soon as possible!

The Fixed Space Option:

If you're planning on working with a medium that makes it hard to move, or clear your space completely you may need to select our Fixed Space option. We only have 2 5x5' spaces where you can leave your art (we advise that you still store your tools and supplies and secure the art so that it cannot be bumped) and you "own" that spot all month long. 

All leases are month to month.

You will receive a PDF with more information after purchase.

 Order now and receive a free gift when we set you up in the space!