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We are passionate about the artist community in Fayetteville and surrounding areas. There is so much talent, and we want to share that with our community and communities nationwide. We want to teach artists that they are valuable, and train them to become professionals. We want to give young artists the tools to be great artists in the future. We want to give art enthusiasts the ability to be creative, even if they're afraid to try! We want to make art accessible, affordable, and enjoyable for everyone. 

We have big ideas, magazine publications, art festivals, gallery crawls, and more. We need your help to make these dreams a reality. Every contribution, every penny that is given gives us an opportunity to do more. Your donation can sponsor an artist to give them space to work. It can pay for advertising for a little-known artist so that he or she can be seen everywhere. It can by supplies and materials for our kids' classes so they can experience real art mediums and tools at a younger age. It helps us put on free events like our Art & Business events to help give back to our community and teach artists to be profitable. 

Thank you, for choosing to be a part of the family helping us to grow and share art everywhere. You are a part of us now, now and forever!


Choose your donation below, you can also add donations together to get an unlisted amount (For example Order 1 $50, and 1 $10 for a $60 donation). Donations over $30 get a surprise gift (which is why your address is requested during checkout!)