Hannah Butler


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pencil, colored pencils, micro pens assorted colors

“OK computer…. Show me reality!”

We live in a world where technology comes first, an obsession that we cannot destroy, a sickness that we cannot cure.

What if someone chooses the reality for you and we don’t even realize it?  This is a question everyone should be asking.

This drawing was inspired by a dream I had that went haywire.  I saw nothing but mountains that were dipped in a navy blue hue that kissed the blood red sky.  Looking at a tall dark figure who stood there frozen in his spot not moving and quite eerie, he never thought to escape from this horrifying nightmare.

In this dream, the entire time my eyes were glued to the computer looking at this figure and watching time fly by.  This is the reason for the square-shaped border in the pupil, it represents the computer.

I woke up from this dream and thought, “Why did I feel like I was trapped in the computer just staring at the screen?  Why did that eerie man just stand there?  Was I supposed to help him?  If so, why couldn’t I?  I eventually drifted off to sleep again and transported myself into another dream and this was the picture I created from it.